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Organization | Mar 10, 2022 | TCAS | 1534 views

This is the order to determine home team for championship and play in games:  

1- Most points in Round Robin play – Games must be equal (ie both groups played 12 games, tie breakers don’t count)

2- If Round Robin games are unequal- then we will use most points per game in Round Robin play (ie 20 points in 12 games is 1.67 points per game: 20 divided by 12)  Higher percentage is home team

3- If 1 or 2 doesn’t decide, then it will be a coin toss. 

If the two coaches are NOT available then the coin toss will be done by the hosting centre.  The center whose name is alphabetically first will be heads, the other tails.

 Overtime rules for Tie Breaker, Semi-Final Championship games

I. Should the teams be tied at the end of Regulation time, a 10 minute 5-on-5 sudden victory overtime period will be played with a 3-minute break between the 3rd period and 1st overtime.

II. Teams will not change ends for this first overtime period.

III. If the score is still tied at the end of the first overtime period a flood will take place and then a second 10 minute 5-on-5 overtime period will take place.

IV. Teams will change ends for this second overtime period

V. If the score is still tied at the end of the second overtime period teams will be granted a 3-minute rest period and a third 10 minute 5-on-5 overtime period will take place

VI. Teams will change ends for this third overtime period VII. Note, that NO more than three overtime periods will be played

VIII. If a game is still tied after 3 overtimes, the winner will be determined by a shootout:
i. 5 vs 5 shooters
ii. If still tied after all 5 shooters, a 1 shooter vs 1 shooter sudden victory will take place.
iii. No player can shoot twice until all team members have taken a shot.
iv. If a player is in the penalty box as the third overtime period ends, they are NOT eligible to shoot in the shootout.
v. Teams with an unequal number of shooters will be able to reuse shooters once the team with the smaller number has had all players shoot once.

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